• Modular design, flexible combination, more convenient for installation and transportation. Max.16 modules combination, the maximum combination of the system consists of 1 main unit and 15 slave units.
  • Easy connection between main unit and slave units.
  • Physical Design
    Brand new design for easy maintaining V-shape heat exchanger for Higher efficiency Shell & Tube exchanger for Higher reliability in any water conditions.
  • Compressor and EXV Copeland Scroll Compressor provides: Higher efficiency ,Higher reliability ,Lower Noise
  • Back up function
    When unit is failure If master unit fails, all the units will stop. If one slave unit fails, this unit will stop but the others will keep running. When the master unit fails, any of the slave one can be set as the master unit by manual setting.
  • Environmental care Both R22 and ecological refrigerant R410A for choice meet different requirement. Chlorine-free and environmental friendly refrigerant, zero ozone depletion potential. High density refrigerant, therefore, less refrigerant required. Leak-tight refrigerant circuit, Brazed refrigerant connections for increased leak-tightness.
  • Chilled water outlet temperature adjustable. Chilled water outlet temperature can be adjusted by wired controller according to customer�s demand. In cooling mode, the adjustable range from 7?-25?.